Technology has helped us automate and minimize a lot of manual work. With these modern browsers nowadays much can be accomplished.

Not exactly but Chrome extensions falls under this category. They can be a great tool in the hands of a skilful person. Timely usage of these chrome extensions can save you a lot of time which otherwise would take hours.

And as SEO’s where a lot of analysis and metrics are involved, it is essential that you use these extensions to the fullest and get the desired results. As there are many SEO chrome extensions out there is it difficult to pick one, try it and test if it fulfils your needs.

I use a lot of extensions every day and I have compiled my list here which you can simply go ahead and install. I have been using these extensions for a while and they proved to be of great use in my day to day tasks.

So, without any delay let us see each extension I use and how it can boost your SEO efforts, get insights and make vital decisions.

Link Grabber

Link grabber extracts all the links on a page and displays them in a new tab. It also hides duplicate links and also groups links into categories. It also has a search option to search within the extracted links.

Link Grabber

I found this tool very helpful while doing a website migration analysis. Imagine a site which got migrated to a new domain but you are still seeing links from the old domain in the internal links when you crawl from different crawlers. This can be very painful to go ahead and search for those specific links within a page.When you extract all the links on the page and search for the old domain you’ll find all the links.

I also find this extension very useful when I need to extract only a specific category URLs. It is hard and takes time to manually extract them. I extract all the links and copy paste in excel and apply filters and I am done.

These are just two examples how useful this extension is. Once you understand the concept of how it works you can use this tool to fulfil your specific needs and save a lot of time.

Link Clump

Link Clump

Link clump lets you drag and draw a selection box around links using your mouse right button, which then opens all the selected links as new tabs in the same window.

When you need to open multiple tabs it is time-consuming to right click every link and click open in new tab. With this tool, you just have to drag and select and it works on SERPs, web pages and almost everywhere where links are present.


Scrapping is a technique used to extract data from web documents or web pages. It plays a vital role when you are doing competitive or Competitor analysis.

Scraper extension is very simple yet powerful data mining tool. This tool comes in handy while doing online research and quickly exports the data to spreadsheets or clipboard which can be pasted into different software.

I found this extension very useful while performing the following tasks:

  • Link building research
  • Finding potential bloggers for reaching out.
  • Extracting all the product URLs from category pages with product names and their paths.
  • Exporting “Top” and “List” type of post’s content.
  • And in many other occasions where I need to pull data from a web page.

For example, Let’s say you are doing some research on furniture/interior design blogs and you need a list of famous bloggers who blog about interior design.

You perform a search for “interior design bloggers” on Google and land on

webpage scraper

As shown in the image above right click on the name and select “scrap similar” you will something similar as below image, copy and paste to excel or any other software. Repeat the same process with the URL below the blogger name.

scraper result

scraper result urls

In less than a minute, you are ready with a list of 100 bloggers. Powerful! Isn’t!

Redirect Path

Redirect path extension displays 301, 302, 404 & 500 HTTP status codes of the current page you are on. It also flags up any server-side redirects like meta and java scripts redirects.

This is a great tool to identify any potential issues which you are not aware of or actively looking at. At many instances, I saw 302 redirects for some pages which should be 301 and immediate actions were taken.

redirect path

This is also useful when you are checking the different versions of your website. We all know that all the version of your website should lead to one preferred version which you choose. Let’s say my preferred version is then all the below URLs should redirect to my preferred URL.


Check My Links

Check my links quickly scans the entire web page and highlights all the broken links.

I was searching for Dinosaur on Wikipedia and found it at It has 1057 valid links and with the help of this extension, I found that it has 7 broken links.

highlighted broken links

If a page has hundreds of links, it is difficult to open each link and check which link is working and which is not, this tool is a great way to find all the broken links.

I use this tool to find broken links on competitor sites and blogs and search for an opportunity to start a broken link building strategy and contact them to get my link placed. We will learn more about this strategy of building backlinks through broken links in future posts.

I use this extension a lot when I do analysis on newly launched sites and pages, as they usually have links which are not linked to correct URLs, when the URL structures are changed but the links were not updated and manual errors etc. I often find them on the footer and old blog posts.

It is always important to constantly check your pages and keep them free from broken links.

SEO Quake

Seo Quake is a product of SEMRush and it is one of the most used SEO extension among SEOs. The details and insights you get from this tool are way beyond excellent. Actually, you can make a complete web page analysis report with this extension.

seo tool box

SEO quake can fetch the following data:

  • Reviews all the major site metrics with one click
  • Gets a thorough analysis of different metrics of SERPs and can export to a CSV file.
  • Gets keywords data, keyword density and mostly used keywords
  • Gives you a complete SEO audit for the given page
  • Gives you social statistics
  • Indexed pages in google, bing and yahoo
  • Backlinks information
  • Compares domains

By considering the amount of data you get here, it is not just an extension but a package of valuable info which can help you to understand your website better and make necessary changes and improve further.

If you need a more extensive tool to manage multiple SEO projects then you should use SEMRush. It is a great tool and my day will not end without using this tool. I use this tool for all my analysis and reports, keyword research, backlink audits and much more. I will write more about how you can get most out of SEMRush in coming posts.

Moz Bar

Moz bar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page. It also works on SERP pages and displays different web metrics.

If you are keen about Domain Authority & Page Authority and constantly need them, then you have to install Moz bar.

moz bar on page

Moz bar also displays the following additional information:

  • On Page elements info like titles, meta, canonicals and page load times.
  • Social shares
  • Outbound links
  • HTTP status

This extension will help you understand the overall authority and performance of a web page in a flash.

Similar Web

Similar web is a great tool to estimate the traffic and key metrics of any website. It also provides comprehensive information on engagement rate, traffic sources, traffic rankings, Top referring sites, Top organic keywords for which the site is ranking, Top paid keywords, Social network, similar sites and mobile app information if any.

similar web overview

It is a complete package with all the essential metrics to evaluate a website. I often use this tool to understand the competitors and choosing the right competitor for further analysis.

Built With

Builtwith lets you find out what a website is built with. It can also be called as website profiler tool. Once you click on an active page, it returns all the list of technologies it could find on the page.

built with

Built with can track the following technologies:

  • widgets (snap preview),
  • analytics (Google, Nielsen),
  • frameworks (.NET, Java),
  • publishing (WordPress, Blogger),
  • advertising (DoubleClick, AdSense),
  • CDNs (Amazon S3, Limelight),
  • standards (XHTML,RSS),
  • hosting software (Apache, IIS, CentOS, Debian).

I often use this tool to check the website frameworks and the installed tracking systems.


I guess we all had that Grammar class in our school days. We now understand its importance.

Writing has become an integral part of our day to day work. Especially as an SEO, you need to write outreach emails, comment on blogs, optimize content and much more.

Grammarly is the perfect option for all your writing needs. It corrects your spelling errors, grammatical errors including subject-verb agreement, article use, and modifier placement, to name just a few. It works almost everywhere you write on the web.

Let’s watch a video to understand the potential of Grammarly.

To emphasize more, It is a must-have extension if you use the Internet.

Note: I assume your chrome browser looks something like this after installing all the extensions. (I have lot more other extensions installed)

Having so many extensions can slow down your browser and difficult to manage. Though you are not using an extension actively, it might run in the background.

It is a hectic task to go to Chrome setting and disable and enable them every time.

We need an extension to manage all the other extensions, and this is our last extension.

One-Click Extensions Manager

With a single click, you can enable and disable any extension. You can also enable and disable all extension with a click. This is very useful when you run any specific extension and keep other extensions out of sight.

one click extension manager

This is a must have plugin if you use five or more extensions on a regular basis.

These SEO chrome extensions help me work smarter and save a ton of time.

It’s your turn now!

Let me know if you are using any similar extensions in the comments sections and I’ll be happy to include them in the post.